Free template

Hi, how are you?

First of all, thank you for following my work and I am very happy for your interest in receiving this template, I hope it is useful and helps you to develop your creations.


Below I wrote a few things ...


My objective

My main goal as a jewelry designer is to keep alive the tradition of the process of creating jewelry, from the sketch to the painting, from the technical drawing to the production of the piece. This is why I always share tips and processes that can be useful to those who already work or to those interested in joining this business.


My small structure still does not allow to make a channel available to answer questions.


Good stuff

Below are the PDFs files containing some templates. The files are in A4 size and you can print and use as a technical reference in your creations.

Remember that I made some Stories on Instagram with tips on how to use these templates and you can consult it whenever you need.


I still have not thought about the periodicity with which I will post new tips, the only certainty is that I am just beginning.
 Do you follow me on Instagram? No? Take this moment to follow me, and you will know firsthand about the next tips, inspirations and informations about future workshops ;) 

Tourmaline Template