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Ditlind Lenk is a Brazilian and German High Jewelry Designer and Illustrator,

specialized in watercolor.

Her passion for watercolor came very early, as a child when she painted beautiful and magical fairytale scenery.

Over the years she has been challenging herself and specializing in a self-taught way in painting delicate, realistic and one of a kind jewelry illustrations. Created after a comprehensive study of her subject, each original is a unique piece of art.

Ditlind works collaboratively with every client to tailor their specific projects needs and welcomes  each project with love and ethusiasm.


She has a degree in Industrial Design, postgraduate in Branding by FGV's PEC and it’s been sixteen years since she has specialized in jewelry design, working for companies such as Sauer, Vivara and Natan Joias, and also as a freelancer illustrator for Maison Birks, Setare, Monte Carlo Joias and Ruth Grieco.


She currently works as a freelance designer and illustrator, as well as a jewelry illustration instructor. She also works as a guest professor at AJESP - Associação dos Joalherios do Estado de São Paulo (Jewelers Association from São Paulo), in the Design Tools Project, where she teaches basic and intermediate

jewelry illustration courses.


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